Efficiency and Marginal Cost Pricing in Dynamic Competitive Markets with Friction

In-Koo Cho and Sean Meyn



Abstract: This paper examines a dynamic general equilibrium model with supply friction. With or without friction, the competitive equilibrium is efficient. Without friction, the market price is completely determined by the marginal production cost. If friction is present, no matter how small, then the market price fluctuates between zero and the ``choke-up'' price, without any tendency to converge to the marginal production cost, exhibiting considerable volatility. The distribution of the gains from trading in an efficient allocation may be skewed in favor of the supplier, although every player in the market is a price taker.

Keywords: Dynamic general equilibrium model with supply friction, Choke-up price, Marginal production cost, First
welfare theorem.

Tasmania & Victoria Prices

Tasmania Map  

Power prices in markets around the world can appear entirely irrational. In 2007, prices for power reached $10,000 Aus. in Victoria, many times greater than the ususal value near $50. At the same time, prices crashed to a negative value in Tasmania (-$1,000 Aus).

Similar high prices are seen today in European and North American markets.


Plenary lecture, Stochastic Processes and Applications 2007, Paris France; Eurandom LOIS Lecture January, 2009

Newton Institute Tutorial Lecture & Panel Lecture, May, 2010 (see also the Cambridge website)


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