Stability and Asymptotic Optimality of Generalized MaxWeight Policies

Sean Meyn


See also Hamilton Institute 2007 presentation


fmmpPlots.gif   The perturbed cost function. The figure shows level sets of the function h obtained through the perturbation of a linear cost function. The concave region is the resulting policy obtained for the tandem queues - a generalized threshold policy in this example.



It is shown that stability of the celebrated MaxWeight or back pressure policies is a consequence of the following interpretation: either policy is myopic with respect to a surrogate value function of a very special form, in which the "marginal disutility" at a buffer vanishes for vanishingly small buffer population. This observation motivates the h-MaxWeight policy, defined for a wide class of functions h. These policies share many of the attractive properties of the MaxWeight policy:

The first results are obtained for a general Markovian network model. Asymptotic optimality is established for a general Markovian scheduling model with a single bottleneck, and homogeneous servers.


Logarithmic regret:

Logarithmic Regret


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