The 6th incarnation was held on the UF campus, January 26 & 27
Organized by Prof. Sean Meyn, co-organized by Profs. Shreya Saxena and Yuheng Bu,  
with help from graduate students including Caio Lauand, Fan Lu and Yongxu Zhang.
Many thanks to Erlinda Lane and Marcy Lee for their expert help in organization

And thanks to the Army Research Office for their financial support,  
along with help from the National Science Foundation and the UF Pittman Endowment

As always, we had a stellar cast of speakers!
Talks will be held in the Chamber Room @ Reitz Union, with poster session will take place in Rooms 3315 & 3320 @ Reitz Union.     
Click here for the schedule in PDF

Most of the video can be found on this YouTube channel.   Apologies to speakers who were victims to technology failures.
Jan 26th Thursday
9:00 AM Opening Remarks (Chamber Room)
9:10  AM Derya Cansever Army Research Office Integrated Reinforcement Learning
9:30 AM Dimitris Metaxas Rutgers University Learning Interacting Dynamic Systems with Prediction using Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
10:15 AM Prashant Girdharilal Mehta University of Illinois Ensemble Kalman Filter for Reinforcement Learning
11:00 AM Pulkit Grover Carnegie Mellon University A Two-Way Communication Channel between the Scalp and the Brain
11:45 AM Lunch Break
1:00  PM Maryam Shanechi University of Southern California Next-Generation Brain-Machine Interface Systems for Decoding and Control of Neural Dynamics
1:45  PM Mihailo Jovanovic University of Southern California Robustness of Accelerated First-Order Optimization Algorithms
2:30  PM Benjamin Van Roy Stanford University Reinforcement Learning for Generative Artificial Intelligence
3:15  PM Break
3:30  PM Poster Session (Rooms 3315 & 3320)
Jan 27th Friday
9:00 AM Ken Duffy Northeastern University DNA Forensics – A Numerate Scientist’s Introduction
9:45 AM Muriel Medard Massachusetts Institute of Technology Revisiting What We Knew About the Usefulness of Code Construction      Video of a prior lecture on the same topic
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Shaofeng Zou University of Buffalo Robust Reinforcement Learning Under Model Uncertainty
11:45 AM Lunch Break
1:00  PM Kaiqing Zhang University of Maryland Independent Learning in Stochastic Games
1:45  PM  Sridevi Sarma Johns Hopkins University Cognitive States as a Source of Subject-Dependent Movement Variability and their Representation by Large-Scale Brain Networks
2:30  PM Todd Coleman Stanford University Information Processing Methods to Decipher Electrical Oscillations Along the Gut-Brain Axis


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