7th Workshop on Cognition & Control

7th Workshop on Cognition & Control

The 7th C^3 Workshop
January 25–26
Gainesville, FL

The purpose of this meeting is the same as the previous C3 workshops: To educate each other and the public, and to engage in discussion related to topics in control and cognition (which includes information theory and statistical learning). The conference is organized to leave lots of time for discussion.

Application areas have included communication, power systems, and brain science.

Organized by Prof. Sean Meyn, co-organized by Profs. Jie Fu and Yuheng Bu, with help from graduate students including Caio Lauand and Austin Cooper. Many thanks to Marcy Lee for her expert help in organization.

Talks will be held in the Chamber Room @ Reitz Union, along with poster sessions as in prior years (See instructions on how to register to present your poster here).    Video from prior workshops can be found on this YouTube channel.

Thanks again to the Army Research Office for their financial support, along with help from the National Science Foundation and the UF Pittman Endowment for their support.

Jan 25th – Thursday
9:30 AM Opening Remarks (Chamber Room)
9:40  AM Derya Cansever Army Research Office Perspectives
10:00 AM Prashant Girdharilal Mehta University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mean-field Game Methods in Estimation and Control, with Applications to Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators
10:45 AM Mattia Gazzola University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mind in Vitro — Computing with Living Neurons
11:30 AM Lunch Break
1:00  PM Howard Gritton University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Identifying the Roles of Cortical Oscillations in Inference and Learning During Cognitive Behavior
1:45  PM Venugopal Veeravalli University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Quickest Change Detection with Controlled Sensing
2:30  PM Todd Coleman Stanford University More Brain Power
3:15  PM Break
3:30  PM Poster Session — Reitz Union G315 or G320
Jan 26th – Friday
10:00 AM Muriel Medard Massachusetts Institute of Technology It’s All GRAND – Part 1
10:45 AM Ken Duffy Northeastern University It’s All GRAND – Part 2
11:30 AM Lunch Break
1:00 PM Amirhossein Taghaei University of Washington Variational Optimal Transport Methods for Nonlinear Filtering
1:45  PM Shuo Han University of Illinois at Chicago Robust Incentive Design for Non-Myopic Followers
2:30 PM Break
3:15  PM  Ana Busic Inria, Paris Multipartite Matching
2:30  PM Benjamin Van Roy Stanford University Exploration at Scale
more details and information about attending the conference, contact Marcy Lee by email at marcy@ece.ufl.edu