Smart Grid for Sustainable Energy

Smart Grid for Sustainable Energy

Control, modeling, and markets for the grid of the future


The student will be able to explain how to manage supply and demand in a power system through advanced control techniques, and to design and analyze innovative policy, regulation, and business models in order to implement the next-generation grid architectures.

  • Electricity dynamics, demand and supply, industry structure, and renewable energy today.
  • Fundamentals of energy and electric power – a survey of traditional and new energy resources
  • Power markets—today and tomorrow
  • Control on many time-scales – from reserve management to second by second regulation
  • Demand dispatch and virtual energy storage

The course was launched at UF in the spring of 2014, and has evolved rapidly since then.


Link to official 2022 UF document
From 2019 offering:
Date # Topic Notes
8/ 1 Motivation See the first part of MacKay’s book (references below)
8/ 2 Controllable Generation WWS Chapter 1
8/ 3 Convex Optimization WWS Appendix 3A, lecture notes
9/ 4 Dispatch and Optimization Begin Chapter 3 of WWS
 9/ 5 Dispatch and Optimization Chapter 3 of WWS
9/ 6 Dispatch and Transmission Chapter 3 of WWS
9/ 7 Dispatch and Markets Advanced reading (not required)
9/ 8 Dispatch and Markets Marginal cost pricing – lecture notes
9/ 9 LMPs
Unit Commitment Chapter 4 of WWS
9/ 10 Dynamic Markets References in lecture slides
9/ 11 AC Power Flow Text covers Newton-Raphson method
9/ 12 Reserves WWS Section 4.1 (especially 4.1.3)
10/ 13 Reserves & Intro to Control Begin Chapter 10
10/ 14 Grid Dynamics and Control Overview WWS Chapter 10, and your course notes on PI control
Crash Course Here
10/ 15 Primary control: Droop WWS Chapter 10 (lecture on blackboard)
10/ 16 History by Bob Moye, and Grid Model WWS Section 10.7 (lecture on blackboard)
11/ 17 Classical Control in 20 mins & AGC WWS Section 10.7. Alternate design here
11/ Midterm I Info regarding course project
11/ 18 Secondary Control & AGC Frequency Regulation Basics and Trends
11/ 19 Storage Operating Reserves & Wind Power Integration
11/ No lecture
11/ 20 FERC Orders & Demand Response See 2016 commentary on ERCOT markets
11/ 21 Demand Dispatch Introduction See 2016 Berkeley Lecture – other refs in slides
11/ and 2011 Demand Dispatch NETL Report
11/ Holiday
11/ 22 Demand Dispatch: HVAC
12/ 23 Demand Dispatch: Advanced topics
12/ Farewell
12/ Exam this eve!
12/ Graduate Student Presentations Starting at 9:00am

Recommended Reading

  • Power Generation, Operation and Control.  Wood, Wollenberg, and Sheblé, 3rd edition, 2013, Wiley
  • Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems.  Masters, 2014, Wiley
  • Sustainable Energy-without the hot air.  MacKay, ISBN 9780954452933.  Available free online:
U.S. energy markets today, and thoughts about the future:

Handouts will be made available to fill in gaps on operations, optimization, and economics.





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